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    After ten or twelve years you can only play something so long and then you start to parody it. Larry Hagman | Refcard PDF
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    At that time I was making the largest salary known on television and I didn't want to see it die because those were the years paying off when I wasn't making anything. Larry Hagman | Refcard PDF
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    But there is no withdrawal, but with tobacco there is terrible withdrawal, it is almost impossible for a lot of people. I did , I went cold turkey, they never had any patches in those days but grass was not difficult, alcohol not difficult, but tobacco - oh my god. Larry Hagman | Refcard PDF
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    I admit the last couple of years shows were not up to par. Larry Hagman | Refcard PDF
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    I did successfully kick tobacco at the age of 34. I smoked for like 20 years, from 14 to 34. Larry Hagman | Refcard PDF
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    I didn't write the book to sell the book, but to tell my experiences. Larry Hagman | Refcard PDF
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    I guess it was but I think peoples morality has changed. It's gotten more liberal and more diverse and even in a sense much more fundamental, you take the fundamental religious right in this country, its got to go back about 50 years. Larry Hagman | Refcard PDF
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    I liked Dallas better because it was more deceptive, you could do more with it. Larry Hagman | Refcard PDF
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    I think JR would make a better President than the one we have now. Larry Hagman | Refcard PDF
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    I think they could of recast the children, I heard of people wanting to do something like that. That would be a nice little show to do but you know that show was of the 80's, I don't think the audience mind set is in that direction any longer. Larry Hagman | Refcard PDF
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    I was sad to see anybody leave, we had a very nice family on that show. I was very sad to see momma go, Victoria and especially Linda. My god that was my wife on the show, in fact my wife calls her wife. Larry Hagman | Refcard PDF
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    I was shot when I think it was number one. That was the catalyst for the interest in the show. Certainly it went on for a long time after that but that's what really kicked it off. Of course a lot of people watched it just because of the novelty of the situation. Larry Hagman | Refcard PDF
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    I'm happy to be here. I'm happy to be anywhere. I'm not kidding. Larry Hagman | Refcard PDF
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    I'm not well versed on the verbiage of the internet. Larry Hagman | Refcard PDF
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    I'm sure it is, I'm not for any kind of war, we've been engaged in several wars since the second world war and we lost in Korea, we lost in Vietnam, they are political wars, they have nothing to do with any real threat, nor does this one. Larry Hagman | Refcard PDF
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    Later on when it became a routine it was not as exciting I'll admit that. The first three years were wonderful, the rest were just money making and having fun. Larry Hagman | Refcard PDF
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    Marijuana you can give up, Iv given it up for fifteen years now and it never occurs to me to smoke it anymore. Larry Hagman | Refcard PDF
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    My definition of a redundancy is an air-bag in a politician's car. Larry Hagman | Refcard PDF
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    No no there wasn't any planned 14th season, we all saw the writing on the wall. The ratings had been going down and so fourth, that curve goes on every show and in everybody's life. Larry Hagman | Refcard PDF
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    Once you get rid of integrity the rest is a piece of cake. Larry Hagman | Refcard PDF
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    There are very little things in this life I cannot afford and patience is one of them. Larry Hagman | Refcard PDF
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    Well I think they broke the mould when they made me and being humble is one of my great assets. Larry Hagman | Refcard PDF
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    Well yes so far, I was recently in Germany and they had me do six book signings a day and that was too much so I had them cut it down to about three. It becomes taxing at times but its a lot of fun and you meet a lot of nice people. Larry Hagman | Refcard PDF
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    Well, I decided to stop. And I did. I stopped smoking, and I stopped speed at the same time. Larry Hagman | Refcard PDF
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    You know Hollywood is a weird and wonderful place, I didn't know I Dream of Jeanie had been cancelled after 5 years until I went back to go on the lot to pick up some clothes and things I had in my dressing room. Larry Hagman | Refcard PDF






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