About Nut Quote

About Nut Quote

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Nut Quote is launched on 25th, April 2008 after development for a week. You can find over 15,700 distinct authors with a total of nearly 180,000 famous quotes, quotations and sayings. It is based from this quotes database.

More than 90% of the authors are categorized by both type (profession or background) and nationality.

Interactivity as well as quote topic categorization is also on the way.

Other Sites

We have also created many other sites, among which, Printable World Flags, EconGuru, and Princessly Press are some of the best

  • Printable World Flags: A store of all country flags from the world, and a set of flag icons that are handy in web application development.
  • EconGuru: A constantly updated blog about Economics and Finance, very basic information for non-economic people.
  • Princessly Press: Wedding fashion blog

Please direct your messages to ichsie[aaattt]gmail.com. Also you can find me blogging at Kavoir Studio.






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