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Julianne Moore Quotes and Sayings

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    Actually I did, because I saw the film like everyone else, ten years ago and I remembered some of it. I just wanted to see it, to kind of remember the tone a little bit. Julianne Moore | Refcard PDF
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    Comedy is ridiculously hard. And if the rhythm is not right, if the music or the line is not right, it's not funny. Julianne Moore | Refcard PDF
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    I can't wait to get home and wash all those socks. Julianne Moore | Refcard PDF
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    She's in a situation she tried to, that's what's complicated. She followed orders; she called off the raid. This is a dangerous situation. Somebody in DC police went ahead and started. Julianne Moore | Refcard PDF
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    There was a period of time in America where the advertising world actually went to the housewives of America and had them write jingles that would appeal to them. It was actually brilliant marketing. Julianne Moore | Refcard PDF
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    This is someone who has a very stringent morality, and believes the system works, and has been deeply, deeply disappointed, and hurt, by it. You know, so she's in a very different place in life. Julianne Moore | Refcard PDF
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    Well, you know, I mean, she was so wonderful, and she really played the role to perfection. Julianne Moore | Refcard PDF
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    You know, comedy's hard. With drama, you have a responsibility to the emotional truth, but with comedy, you have emotional truth and you have technique on top of it. Julianne Moore | Refcard PDF






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