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John McLaughlin Quotes and Sayings

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    At the risk of sounding hopelessly romantic, love is the key element. I really love to play with different musicians who come from different cultural backgrounds. John McLaughlin | Refcard PDF
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    I don't have any message in the music. Music will be fine as long as you take care of yourself. John McLaughlin | Refcard PDF
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    I find Indian music very funky. I mean it's very soulful, with their own kind of blues. But it's the only other school on the planet that develops improvisation to the high degree that you find in jazz music. So we have a lot of common ground. John McLaughlin | Refcard PDF
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    Interplay and interaction are the integral parts of music - they're as important as the notes. John McLaughlin | Refcard PDF
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    Only in spontaneity can we be who we truly are. John McLaughlin | Refcard PDF
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    The mathematics of rhythm are universal. They don't belong to any particular culture. John McLaughlin | Refcard PDF
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    The moment you start to talk about playing music, you destroy music. It cannot be talked about. It can only be played, enjoyed and listened to. John McLaughlin | Refcard PDF
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    There are two kinds of success. One is musical or artistic and the other is commercial. John McLaughlin | Refcard PDF
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    You can have the greatest player in terms of mastering an instrument and you could be yawning your head off when you hear them. So, it's not what you do, but the way you're doing it and in the end that's all that we have. John McLaughlin | Refcard PDF






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