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Joe Wilson Quotes and Sayings

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    Giving the same value to fiction as to fact in the interest of so-called fairness is to mislead the American people and the press has become party to that. Joe Wilson | Refcard PDF
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    I am not a rabid partisan. Joe Wilson | Refcard PDF
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    I have long felt that it is readers and viewers of conservative media who could benefit from a more balanced discussion of what is at stake in our policy and the actions of our government. Joe Wilson | Refcard PDF
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    I think it's time for the people and the press, in particular, to be more vigilant about not giving equal weight to lies as they give the truth. Joe Wilson | Refcard PDF
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    No longer is there a quest for the truth so much as there is this apparent need to present both sides of an issue even if one is nothing but lies and distortions. Joe Wilson | Refcard PDF
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    Nuclear weapons kill Americans - they don't kill Republicans or Democrats - they kill Americans. Joe Wilson | Refcard PDF
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    One must always keep one's government under control. Joe Wilson | Refcard PDF
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    The government serves the people - not vice-versa. Joe Wilson | Refcard PDF
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    The war on Iraq was a disaster, clearly carried out under false pretences. Joe Wilson | Refcard PDF
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    When a government goes to war, particularly a democracy, it is the most solemn and awesome responsibility of our leaders - to decide to send our kids to go off and kill and die for us. Joe Wilson | Refcard PDF






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