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    And, you know, the fact is, if you believe in evolution, we all have a common ancestor, and we all have a common ancestry with the plant in the lobby. This is what evolution tells us. And, it's true. It's kind of unbelievable. Jeff Hawkins | Refcard PDF
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    Annexation is probably the most valuable tool a city has to ensure orderly growth and development. Jeff Hawkins | Refcard PDF
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    I do two things. I design mobile computers and I study brains. Jeff Hawkins | Refcard PDF
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    If you look at the history of big obstacles in understanding our world, there's usually an intuitive assumption underlying them that's wrong. Jeff Hawkins | Refcard PDF
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    Our bodies are hanging along for the ride, but my brain is talking to your brain. And if we want to understand who we are and how we feel and perceive, we really understand what brains are. Jeff Hawkins | Refcard PDF
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    Prediction by analogy -creativity - is so pervasive we normally don't notice it. Jeff Hawkins | Refcard PDF
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    Whatever the difference between brilliant and average brains, we are all creative. And through practice and study we can enhance our skills and talents. Jeff Hawkins | Refcard PDF
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    You can't imagine how much detail we know about brains. There were 28,000 people who went to the neuroscience conference this year, and every one of them is doing research in brains. A lot of data. But there's no theory. There's a little, wimpy box on top there. Jeff Hawkins | Refcard PDF






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