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James H. Douglas Quotes and Sayings

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    A good job is more than just a paycheck. A good job fosters independence and discipline, and contributes to the health of the community. A good job is a means to provide for the health and welfare of your family, to own a home, and save for retirement. James H. Douglas | Refcard PDF
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    Everyone, young and old, must have access to the knowledge and skills to participate in the evolving economy. James H. Douglas | Refcard PDF
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    I am often reminded that the wellspring of Vermont liberty flows from Main Street, not State Street. James H. Douglas | Refcard PDF
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    Our deep respect for the land and its harvest is the legacy of generations of farmers who put food on our tables, preserved our landscape, and inspired us with a powerful work ethic. James H. Douglas | Refcard PDF
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    Our forbears worked hard this difficult land, and their reward was the freedom and independence of self-sufficiency. James H. Douglas | Refcard PDF
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    So I come before you with a budget that is honest in its discussion of our challenges, creative in its possible solutions, compassionate in its commitment to our most vulnerable, and balanced on the bottom line. James H. Douglas | Refcard PDF
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    We all want peace. Unfortunately, there are times when peace must be defended by fighting terror and tyranny. James H. Douglas | Refcard PDF






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