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Colin Quinn Quotes and Sayings

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    He is very dry but also very funny... I think people tend to feel odd when I do my act. Unless you are an ironic person, it's not a good place for you to be. Colin Quinn | Refcard PDF
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    I write all the time - I write poetry, I love to write. Colin Quinn | Refcard PDF
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    It was tumultuous, it was crazy, but I would not trade it for anything. Colin Quinn | Refcard PDF
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    So instead of talking about theoretical ways of ending the war and violence, I say that we have to get rid of the individual asholes in each office and situation. Colin Quinn | Refcard PDF
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    You know, the funny thing about Lorne and that show is that, you can go over one million things, but in a business of bean counters, he still likes to laugh at small things and creates a show around it. Colin Quinn | Refcard PDF






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