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Bode Miller Quotes and Sayings

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    But there was no question in my mind that I was gonna still go for it. I was still going for the win. I wasn't skiing for second or third place today, and in the end I think that's probably what got me there. Bode Miller | Refcard PDF
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    I always do the contrary of what my coaches tell me. Bode Miller | Refcard PDF
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    In some ways, that's the story of my season - when I wasn't making big mistakes, I was winning races and being on the podium. And when I made mistakes I was still fourth or fifth, just off the podium. Bode Miller | Refcard PDF
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    It's not quite as important who you beat as that you end up on top. Bode Miller | Refcard PDF
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    My goal is the same as every year - to not hurt myself. Bode Miller | Refcard PDF
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    Once the season starts for me, there isn't a change in my focus, just a change in my tactics and strategies. Bode Miller | Refcard PDF
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    People in the U.S. will watch anything if it's put in front of their face over and over again. I like to see what's possible, more than anything. Bode Miller | Refcard PDF
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    That feeling is the same whether you're on either side of the hundredths. Obviously, it's great to win the world championship, but if you put down that kind of skiing, it's awesome either way. Bode Miller | Refcard PDF
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    When you back off, it's easier to do mistakes. For me it's better to ski fast. Bode Miller | Refcard PDF






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