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Benjamin Netanyahu Quotes and Sayings

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    As far as a nuclear weapons-free zone, you know, when the lion lies down with the lamb, and you don't need a new lamb every day to satisfy the lion, then we might have this kind of transformation in the Middle East. Benjamin Netanyahu | Refcard PDF
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    But so far, you know who's been violating the nuclear nonproliferation pact day and night? Those who signed it. Iran, Iraq, Libya and Iran violates it while calling for Israel's destruction and racing to develop atomic weapons to that end. Benjamin Netanyahu | Refcard PDF
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    First of all, Arafat is wrong. Jerusalem is Israel's capital, will never be divided, and will remain the capital of the State of Israel, the capital of the Jewish people, for ever and ever. Benjamin Netanyahu | Refcard PDF
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    I always lose the election in the polls, and I always win it on election day. Benjamin Netanyahu | Refcard PDF
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    I am certain that I speak on behalf of my entire nation when I say: September 11th we are all Americans - in grief, as in defiance. Benjamin Netanyahu | Refcard PDF
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    I can tell you one thing, Iran is closer to developing nuclear weapons today than it was a week ago, or a month ago or a year ago. It's just moving on with its efforts. Benjamin Netanyahu | Refcard PDF
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    I don't think you can rely on Iran. I don't think you can rely on other radicals like the Taliban. They dispatched Al Qaida to bomb New York and Washington. What were they thinking? Were they that stupid? They weren't stupid. There is an irrationality there, and there is madness in this method. Benjamin Netanyahu | Refcard PDF
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    I think that a strong Israel is the only Israel that will bring the Arabs to the peace table. Benjamin Netanyahu | Refcard PDF
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    I'm a proud member of the rabble. Benjamin Netanyahu | Refcard PDF
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    Our policy is very simple. The Jewish state was set up to defend Jewish lives, and we always reserve the right to defend ourselves. Benjamin Netanyahu | Refcard PDF
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    So I think we should stay focused on the real problem in the Middle East. It's not Israel. It's these dictatorships that are developing nuclear weapons with the specific goal of wiping Israel away. Benjamin Netanyahu | Refcard PDF
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    The Israeli government has proved over the past year its commitment to peace, both in words and deeds. By contrast, the Palestinians are posing preconditions for renewing the diplomatic process in a way they have not done over the course of 16 years. Benjamin Netanyahu | Refcard PDF
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    The Obama presidency has two great missions: fixing the economy, and preventing Iran from gaining nuclear weapons. Benjamin Netanyahu | Refcard PDF
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    There is a fundamental situation in which the country has reached rock bottom, that a mother can't send her children out of the house in the morning. The country has reached rock bottom and this needs to be changed. Benjamin Netanyahu | Refcard PDF
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    We don't point a pistol at our own forehead. That is not the way to conduct negotiations. Benjamin Netanyahu | Refcard PDF






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