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Alan Kay Quotes and Sayings

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    People who are really serious about software should make their own hardware. Alan Kay | Refcard PDF
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    Perspective is worth 80 IQ points. Alan Kay | Refcard PDF
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    Quite a few people have to believe something is normal before it becomes normal - a sort of 'voting' situation. But once the threshold is reached, then everyone demands to do whatever it is. Alan Kay | Refcard PDF
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    Some people worry that artificial intelligence will make us feel inferior, but then, anybody in his right mind should have an inferiority complex every time he looks at a flower. Alan Kay | Refcard PDF
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    The best way to predict the future is to invent it. Alan Kay | Refcard PDF
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    The protean nature of the computer is such that it can act like a machine or like a language to be shaped and exploited. Alan Kay | Refcard PDF






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