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Alan Coren Quotes and Sayings

Alan Coren Quotes, Quotations, Sayings, Remarks and Thoughts
Alan Coren (random)
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Birth Date / Year:
June 27, 1938
Death Date / Year:
October 18, 2007
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    Democracy consists of choosing your dictators, after they've told you what you think it is you want to hear. Alan Coren | Refcard PDF
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    I wonder sometimes if manufacturers of foolproof items keep a fool or two on their payroll to test things. Alan Coren | Refcard PDF
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    Since both its national products, snow and chocolate, melt, the cuckoo clock was invented solely in order to give tourists something solid to remember it by. Alan Coren | Refcard PDF
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    Television is more interesting than people. If it were not we should have people standing in the corner of our room. Alan Coren | Refcard PDF
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    The Act of God designation on all insurance policies; which means, roughly, that you cannot be insured for the accidents that are most likely to happen to you. Alan Coren | Refcard PDF






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