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William Shirley Quotes and Sayings

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    I am of opinion that it is highly requisite forthwith to pass a law, prohibiting upon great penalties all trade with our enemies, and more especially the supplying of them with arms, ammunition or provisions of any kind whatsoever. William Shirley | Refcard PDF
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    I don't flatter myself with much dependence upon the present disposition of the Eastern Indians, who are many ways liable to be drawn into a rupture with us by the artifices of the French, their own weakness and the influence which the French Missionary Priests have over them. William Shirley | Refcard PDF
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    Images adorn our inner life and carry great power there. William Shirley | Refcard PDF
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    Images have a unique power to impart that which is beyond words. William Shirley | Refcard PDF
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    My purpose is to inspire people of all walks of life to discover the virtue inherent within them and to bring forth that virtue in their daily lives. William Shirley | Refcard PDF
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    Words alone cannot fully convey the realities of the soul or the greatness of the human spirit. William Shirley | Refcard PDF






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