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Will Durst Quotes and Sayings

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    Comedy is defiance. It's a snort of contempt in the face of fear and anxiety. And it's the laughter that allows hope to creep back on the inhale. Will Durst | Refcard PDF
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    How did sex come to be thought of as dirty in the first place? God must have been a Republican. Will Durst | Refcard PDF
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    I hate the outdoors. To me the outdoors is where the car is. Will Durst | Refcard PDF
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    I'm glad Reagan is president. Of course, I'm a professional comedian. Will Durst | Refcard PDF
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    It's okay to laugh in the bedroom so long as you don't point. Will Durst | Refcard PDF
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    Men are superior to women, for one thing they can urinate from a speeding car. Will Durst | Refcard PDF
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    There is humor in the specter of the worst disaster in our nation's history. All I have to do is sweep away the debris of shock to find it. Will Durst | Refcard PDF
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    Well, we won the war. You know what that means. In twenty years, we'll all be driving Iraqi cars. Will Durst | Refcard PDF






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