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Will Adams Quotes and Sayings

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    At which time came to us many boats and we suffered them to come aboard, being not able to resist them, which people did us no harm, neither of us understanding the one the other. Will Adams | Refcard PDF
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    From the ship all things were taken out, so that the clothes which I took with me on my back I only had. Will Adams | Refcard PDF
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    If our countries had war the one with the other, that was no cause that he should put us to death; with which they were out of heart that their cruel pretense failed them. For which God be forever-more praised. Will Adams | Refcard PDF
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    In the end of five years I made supplication to the king to go out of this land, desiring to see my poor wife and children according to conscience and nature. Will Adams | Refcard PDF
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    Not only I lost what I had in the ship, but from the captain and the company generally what was good or worth the taking was carried away; all which was done unknown to the emperor. Will Adams | Refcard PDF
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    Now being in such grace and favor by reason I learned him some points of geometry and understanding of the art of mathematics with other things, I pleased him so that what I said he would not contrary. Will Adams | Refcard PDF
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    So I departed and was free from imprisonment. Will Adams | Refcard PDF
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    So in process of four or five years the emperor called me, as divers times he had done before. Will Adams | Refcard PDF
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    So that between the Cape of St. Maria and Japan we were four months and twenty-two days; at which time there were no more than six besides myself that could stand upon his feet. Will Adams | Refcard PDF
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    Therefore I do pray and entreat you in the name of Jesus Christ to do so much as to make my being here in Japan known to my poor wife, in a manner a widow and my two children fatherless; which thing only is my greatest grief of heart and conscience. Will Adams | Refcard PDF






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