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Walt Alston Quotes and Sayings

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    Fans tend to get too excited by streaks of either kind and I think the press does too. There should be a happy medium. Walt Alston | Refcard PDF
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    I'd rather win two or three, lose one, win two or three more. I'm a great believer in things evening out. If you win a whole bunch in a row, somewhere along the line you're going to lose some too. Walt Alston | Refcard PDF
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    It's not the winter that bothers me - it's the summers. Walt Alston | Refcard PDF
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    Look at misfortune the same way you look at success - Don't Panic! Do you best and forget the consequences. Walt Alston | Refcard PDF
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    More than anyone else, Hank Aaron made me wish I wasn't a manager. Walt Alston | Refcard PDF
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    Perhaps the truest axiom in baseball is that the toughest thing to do is repeat. Walt Alston | Refcard PDF






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