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Terry Jones Quotes and Sayings

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    Every age sort of has its own history. History is really the stories that we retell to ourselves to make them relevant to every age. So we put our own values and our own spin on it. Terry Jones | Refcard PDF
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    I'd always thought that if Python was going to go on at all, it'd be nice to get into storylines. Terry Jones | Refcard PDF
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    Some people are passionate about aisles, others about window seats. Terry Jones | Refcard PDF
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    We are, of course, now against any other group burning Qurans. We would right now ask no one to burn Qurans. We are absolutely strong on that. It is not the time to do it. Terry Jones | Refcard PDF
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    We will definitely not burn the Koran, no. Not today, not ever. Terry Jones | Refcard PDF






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