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Stephen Bennett Quotes and Sayings

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    For a man to come right out and say he does not believe in the Old Testament, I think many Catholics across the nation as well as the world are offended by Bill O'Reilly claiming he's an Irish Catholic. Stephen Bennett | Refcard PDF
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    If you only do it for money, that's only what you get. Stephen Bennett | Refcard PDF
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    They probably realized our interview would do more damage to their pro-"gay" piece - rather than help it. Stephen Bennett | Refcard PDF
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    We appropriately compared the lifestyle to that of drug addiction and alcoholism - lifestyles that one would be encouraged to seek help to leave - never encouraged to stay in. Stephen Bennett | Refcard PDF
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    What Bill O'Reilly says means nothing. What Stephen Bennett says means nothing. What God says means everything. Stephen Bennett | Refcard PDF






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