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Ryan Seacrest Quotes and Sayings

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    Dick Clark is an American icon. I am honored that he has entrusted me with such a role in this national tradition. Ryan Seacrest | Refcard PDF
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    Everyone in showbiz is driven by ego, so how do you go from having loads of fame to working at 7-11? You can't do it! Ryan Seacrest | Refcard PDF
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    I am looking forward to being part of the E! team. This unique opportunity allows my company to take the next step in providing multimedia content. Ryan Seacrest | Refcard PDF
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    I know a lot of gay males who I work with that are fantastic people and I love hanging out with them. But because I hang out and bring gay men into my life, does that mean that I'm gay? I promise you that I very much love women. Ryan Seacrest | Refcard PDF
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    I've never done Botox in my life. But I've probably tried everything else under the sun. Ryan Seacrest | Refcard PDF
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    Look, a lot of women would be turned off with hearing me say how hot I think Brad Pitt is! Know what I mean? So I probably don't help my cause. Ryan Seacrest | Refcard PDF
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    Trust me, if I were gay I'd be getting more action than I'm getting now. Ryan Seacrest | Refcard PDF
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    We now have contestants who will not let anything get in their way of victory. Some contestants have thrown each other under the bus this season. Ryan Seacrest | Refcard PDF






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