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Roger Mudd Quotes and Sayings

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    And what it depends on, of course, is whether the story itself is worth the ethical compromise it requires and whether the competition is onto the story. Roger Mudd | Refcard PDF
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    As electronic journalism came to be evaluated for its cost effectiveness, the network world began breaking up. Roger Mudd | Refcard PDF
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    But the time has come for journalists to acknowledge that a zone of privacy does exist. Roger Mudd | Refcard PDF
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    For decades, the journalistic norm had been that the private lives of public officials remained private unless that life impinged on public performance. Roger Mudd | Refcard PDF
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    Given what the media have put the country through this past decade, it must come as a surprise to most Americans that the press has a code of ethics. Roger Mudd | Refcard PDF
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    In exchange for power, influence, command and a place in history, a president gives up the bulk of his privacy. Roger Mudd | Refcard PDF
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    Journalists, who are skeptical to begin with, simply do not like to be lied to or made fools of. Roger Mudd | Refcard PDF
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    Most journalists now believe that a person's privacy zone gets smaller and smaller as the person becomes more and more powerful. Roger Mudd | Refcard PDF
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    No matter what name we give it or how we judge it, a candidate's character is central to political reporting because it is central to a citizen's decision in voting. Roger Mudd | Refcard PDF
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    Sexual behavior was also generally considered off limits. Roger Mudd | Refcard PDF
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    The ethics of editorial judgement, however, began to go though a sea change during the late 1970s and '80s when the Carter and Reagan Administrations de-regulated the television industry. Roger Mudd | Refcard PDF
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    The networks found themselves having to compete for an increasingly Balkanized audience. Roger Mudd | Refcard PDF
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    The relationship between press and politician - protected by the Constitution and designed to be happily adversarial - becomes sour, raw and confrontational. Roger Mudd | Refcard PDF
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    The written tone and the spoken tone change and the reporters' disbelief in the veracity of the government spreads to the readers and the viewers. Roger Mudd | Refcard PDF






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