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Robert Novak Quotes and Sayings

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    CNN canceled all the shows I was on. They're going in a different direction, but that's their privilege. They own the business. Robert Novak | Refcard PDF
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    He was my favorite senator... I love him. He made the liberals squeal. Robert Novak | Refcard PDF
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    Howard Dean is not the first politician to distort facts in his own interests. But many activists in the party he now leads are puzzled over what he thinks he is accomplishing politically. Is it good politics to contend that Iraq was better off under Saddam Hussein than even a flawed Islamic republic? Robert Novak | Refcard PDF
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    If Communism goes, I've still got the U.S. House of Representatives. Robert Novak | Refcard PDF
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    It is up to the government to keep the government's secrets. Robert Novak | Refcard PDF
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    The whole new Democratic Party is the old Republican Party. We have a whole bunch of elephants running around in donkey's clothes. Robert Novak | Refcard PDF






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