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Miranda Otto Quotes and Sayings

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    England is very interested as well, and other countries if I could speak the languages! Miranda Otto | Refcard PDF
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    Every director is completely different. Miranda Otto | Refcard PDF
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    I like working intensely, then going away and thinking about it, working out why it didn't work and then coming back to it. It makes the work richer, I think. Miranda Otto | Refcard PDF
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    I think film likes me better than the theatre does for some reason. Miranda Otto | Refcard PDF
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    I think you go through a period as a teenager of being quite cool and unaffected by things. Miranda Otto | Refcard PDF
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    I'd always had a big thing for the '60s. Miranda Otto | Refcard PDF
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    If there is a book that the script came from you have to read it, you have to see what you can get out of it: mood, back story and things that may not even be in the film. They kick off your imagination and broaden the character, I think. Miranda Otto | Refcard PDF
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    It is hard sometimes to see how other actors are working when you are working with them. Miranda Otto | Refcard PDF
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    The guys on the stunt team are really fantastic. It's really funny, because for all the aggression they have to display on screen, they're actually really happy, good- natured people. Miranda Otto | Refcard PDF
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    Young actors are serious about their work and don't take any time out from it. I'm very serious about my work; there are probably only two films I've done where I had a really good time. Miranda Otto | Refcard PDF






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