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    Anyone who has that weird volition to become an actor probably has a weird volition to do lots of other creative things - to write, to play music, to paint, to cook. Minnie Driver | Refcard PDF
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    But I love filmmaking - I'm not ashamed of that. You're sort of vilified if you say that in England. Minnie Driver | Refcard PDF
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    Celebrity is a weird appendage, which is useless unless you do something with it. Minnie Driver | Refcard PDF
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    I can set up shop anywhere. I've got my oils, I've got my yoga mat and I'm good to go. I must know good yoga classes in about 25 cities on this planet. Minnie Driver | Refcard PDF
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    I like the theater enormously, but I truly love films - the whole bizarre, boring process that it can be. Minnie Driver | Refcard PDF
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    I really fancy Harrison Ford. I've got to say I think he's really divine. He's, like, an older man, I guess, although he's not really that old, obviously. I don't want to offend him. Minnie Driver | Refcard PDF
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    I swear to God, I would marry the first person who asked me, just because it seems so completely impossible that anyone would ask. Minnie Driver | Refcard PDF
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    I was equally in love with singing and acting from an early age. Minnie Driver | Refcard PDF
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    In some movies you feel like you're a very small part of a huge machine. Whereas in the theater you can have a very small part, but you can still feel the weight and the gravity of it. Given the nature of theater, it's a more concentrated and quiet experience. Minnie Driver | Refcard PDF
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    Last year my boyfriend gave me a painting - a very personal one. I really prefer personal gifts or ones made by someone for me. Except diamonds. That's the exception to the rule. Minnie Driver | Refcard PDF
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    People go 'You look a lot like Minnie Driver.' Once I said, 'Thanks, Minnie is a great actress.' But, it blew up in my face. This person said, 'Nah, didn't like the last movie she did.' Minnie Driver | Refcard PDF
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    Singing is my dream and, while it may have not been a commercial success, critically I was thrilled with the reception my first album got. Minnie Driver | Refcard PDF
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    You can never be guaranteed good roles because of an award, but I think your profile and net worth as a performer has to do with awards, unfortunately. Minnie Driver | Refcard PDF
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    You do a James Bond film, you're being part of an anachronism, a tradition. Minnie Driver | Refcard PDF






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