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    At the age of 16 I was already dreaming of having a baby because I felt myself to be an adult, but my mum forbid it. Right now, I feel like a teenager and I want to have fun for one or two more years before starting a family. Milla Jovovich | Refcard PDF
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    Before, being a model, it was just a job, and I was making fun of it. But today, I take my career more seriously. The fact that a reader may buy an Armani item because she'd seen it on me in a magazine is very important to me. So much so that I intend to launch my own label. Milla Jovovich | Refcard PDF
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    During the day I force myself to at least eat some salads rather than rubbish, and a steak in the evening. In fact, I eat to basically satisfy my hunger. I hardly have the time to appreciate a meal, and I'm everything, but a gourmet. Milla Jovovich | Refcard PDF
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    From now on, I approach the cinema as a business woman. I intend to be in more action movies because, apart from Angelina Jolie, no other actress stands out in this genre. Milla Jovovich | Refcard PDF
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    I am a strong Ukrainian girl, that is why I work a lot. Milla Jovovich | Refcard PDF
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    I just want to make one really good movie a year. And when I die, to know I was honest as an artist. Milla Jovovich | Refcard PDF
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    I love making independent movies, and that's pretty much what I'm going to be doing for the rest of my years. Milla Jovovich | Refcard PDF
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    It's going to seem idiotic to say this, but I think that at a given moment we all need a place to ourselves where we can refuge ourselves and cut ourselves off from the world. Milla Jovovich | Refcard PDF
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    Modelling killed me. Milla Jovovich | Refcard PDF
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    People say that I'm always late, but that's a myth. Milla Jovovich | Refcard PDF
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    Rather than go to the gym, I would prefer to do martial arts because the time goes by quicker. Milla Jovovich | Refcard PDF
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    Scratch a Russian, and you'll find a peasant. Milla Jovovich | Refcard PDF






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