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    I listened to Billie Holiday a lot in order to learn to sing. She remains one of the extraordinary jazz singers. But my intent is to become my own voice, to be able to interpret these songs in my own way. Madeleine Peyroux | Refcard PDF
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    I love playing to people and seeing them react. Madeleine Peyroux | Refcard PDF
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    I was very lucky. Things happened, both bad and good, but I never got into real, deep trouble. But it wore me down. By the time I was 18, I was done. I didn't want to live the life any more. I needed to develop past the point that busking takes you to. Madeleine Peyroux | Refcard PDF
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    I'm very conscious of developing my singing, technically and stylistically. I want it to become more individual, express more of me. That's my goal. These songs are steps along that way. Madeleine Peyroux | Refcard PDF
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    It's wonderful to work with someone with mentor status. Madeleine Peyroux | Refcard PDF
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    Jazz really does try to include everything. It's always been popular music. But the wonderful thing about jazz is its willingness to take chances. Madeleine Peyroux | Refcard PDF
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    My father had a varied ear, from Hank Williams to Ravel. Madeleine Peyroux | Refcard PDF
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    My father's record collection was full of New Orleans music of all kinds. I used to listen to the radio in New York, and all there was on it at the time was Madonna and Michael Jackson, so it sort of passed me by. Madeleine Peyroux | Refcard PDF
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    Once I was in the city, I really enjoyed it. Just to experience things. There was so much new stuff. Madeleine Peyroux | Refcard PDF
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    Seeing how those companies operate, it didn't amount to a massive vote of confidence in their artists. There was talk of me going to Columbia after that, but nothing happened. I got disillusioned, and I pulled back. Madeleine Peyroux | Refcard PDF






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