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Luke Perry Quotes and Sayings

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    I always felt like something of an outsider. But I identified with people up on the screen. That made me feel like I wanted to be up on the screen too. I felt like eventually I would get there. Luke Perry | Refcard PDF
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    I have a girlfriend, but I don't really want to talk about her. I won't name her. She isn't in show business, has nothing to do with it. So I'd rather just keep her out of it. Luke Perry | Refcard PDF
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    I open to anything... just about anything. Luke Perry | Refcard PDF
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    I think that sometimes kids use the show as a jumping off point for talking about things with their parents. Luke Perry | Refcard PDF
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    I was something of a prankster. One time I put a ski mask on my head and used a fake gun on the school secretary so that I could get some of my friends out of detention. Luke Perry | Refcard PDF
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    I've had tons of odd jobs, but I think that I would probably be a fireman because you get to see the results of your job. You get there and there is a house on fire. You leave and there's not a fire anymore. Luke Perry | Refcard PDF
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    It was a fun film. I had a great time doing it. I was looking for a role just like that for my first movie role. I didn't want to have a starring role, because I wanted a chance to learn. I didn't want the whole thing riding on me. Luke Perry | Refcard PDF
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    It's hard and sometimes it's scary. It still amazes my mother. I went home for Christmas one year and there were fans all over the front lawn, hoping to see me. Luke Perry | Refcard PDF






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