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Khaleda Zia Quotes and Sayings

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    Does any one know the number of illegal arms in the country? Khaleda Zia | Refcard PDF
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    Factors affecting effective regional cooperation are mindsets and perceptions emanating from the past. Khaleda Zia | Refcard PDF
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    It is impossible to practice parliamentary politics without having patience, decency, politeness and courtesy. Khaleda Zia | Refcard PDF
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    The bombers were enemies of Islam and enemies of the country. We will do everything and anything needed to stop them. Khaleda Zia | Refcard PDF
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    The nation voted us to power to see unity and communal harmony, not for any division or communality. Khaleda Zia | Refcard PDF
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    Vote for me and I will ensure that everyone gets enough to eat and a place to stay. Khaleda Zia | Refcard PDF






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