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Judy Chicago Quotes and Sayings

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    Ah, well, do I wish that we lived in a world where gender didn't figure so prominently? Of course. Do I even think about myself as a woman when I go to make art? Of course not. Judy Chicago | Refcard PDF
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    Donald, my husband, considers himself a feminist. Judy Chicago | Refcard PDF
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    I am trying to make art that relates to the deepest and most mythic concerns of human kind and I believe that, at this moment of history, feminism is humanism. Judy Chicago | Refcard PDF
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    I feel like I have at least begun to make a contribution, but my most significant concern has to do with whether my actual art will be preserved for future generations or be erased. Judy Chicago | Refcard PDF
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    I go to make art as who I am as a person. The fact that I am a woman comes into play maybe in the kinds of things I'm interested in or in the way I structure a canvas. Judy Chicago | Refcard PDF
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    I set my sights upon becoming the kind of artist who would make a contribution to art history. Judy Chicago | Refcard PDF
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    I think what's important is to give space to the range of human experience. Judy Chicago | Refcard PDF
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    People have accepted the media's idea of what feminism is, but that doesn't mean that it's right or true or real. Feminism is not monolithic. Within feminism, there is an array of opinions. Judy Chicago | Refcard PDF
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    So women are at the beginning of building a language, and not all women are conscious of it. Judy Chicago | Refcard PDF
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    There's no question that many more women artists are showing worldwide now than they were when I was a young woman, and that's really great. Judy Chicago | Refcard PDF
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    With my early work I got eviscerated by my male professors, and so you learned to disguise your impulses, as many women have done. And that's definitely changed. Judy Chicago | Refcard PDF
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    You shouldn't have to justify your work. Judy Chicago | Refcard PDF






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