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John Carpenter Quotes and Sayings

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    Evil hiding among us is an ancient theme. John Carpenter | Refcard PDF
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    I made a decision back in 1978 that, in a trade off for money when I directed Halloween, I would have my name above the title in order to basically brand these movies my own. John Carpenter | Refcard PDF
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    In England, I'm a horror movie director. In Germany, I'm a filmmaker. In the US, I'm a bum. John Carpenter | Refcard PDF
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    In Halloween, I viewed the characters as simply normal teenagers. Laurie, Jamie Lee's character, was shy and somewhat repressed. And Michael Myers, the killer, is definitely repressed. They have certain similarities. John Carpenter | Refcard PDF
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    It's a very good time for horror. This business certainly has changed, but there's still room for serious horror films. Look at 28 Days Later, that's not a tongue-in-cheek picture. John Carpenter | Refcard PDF
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    One could make money and get a career going with a low-budget horror film about killers attacking on holidays. It is always flattering to have somebody copy you. John Carpenter | Refcard PDF
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    To make Michael Myers frightening, I had him walk like a man, not a monster. John Carpenter | Refcard PDF
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    What scares me is what scares you. We're all afraid of the same things. That's why horror is such a powerful genre. All you have to do is ask yourself what frightens you and you'll know what frightens me. John Carpenter | Refcard PDF






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