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Johannes Vilhelm Jensen Quotes and Sayings

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    A probing analysis of the problems of evolution forms the basis of my prose. Johannes Vilhelm Jensen | Refcard PDF
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    During half a century of literary work, I have endeavoured to introduce the philosophy of evolution into the sphere of literature, and to inspire my readers to think in evolutionary terms. Johannes Vilhelm Jensen | Refcard PDF
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    For many years I was engaged in journalism, writing articles and chronicles for the daily press without ever joining the staff of any newspaper. Johannes Vilhelm Jensen | Refcard PDF
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    The grounding in natural sciences which I obtained in the course of my medical studies, including preliminary examinations in botany, zoology, physics, and chemistry, was to become decisive in determining the trend of my literary work. Johannes Vilhelm Jensen | Refcard PDF
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    There is something of the freshness of mind, of the lightness of spirit in Linne which for centuries has been linked in people's minds with the mountains of Sweden and Swedish joy in nature. Johannes Vilhelm Jensen | Refcard PDF
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    Whenever one reads of the determination of the species, or opens a book on natural science and history, in whatever language, one inevitably comes across the name of Linne. Johannes Vilhelm Jensen | Refcard PDF






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