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Jeff Koons Quotes and Sayings

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    Art to me is a humanitarian act and I believe that there is a responsibility that art should somehow be able to effect mankind, to make the word a better place. Jeff Koons | Refcard PDF
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    I believe in advertisement and media completely. My art and my personal life are based in it. I think that the art world would probably be a tremendous reservoir for everybody involved in advertising. Jeff Koons | Refcard PDF
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    I believe that my art gets across the point that I'm in this morality theater trying to help the underdog, and I'm speaking socially here, showing concern and making psychological and philosophical statements for the underdog. Jeff Koons | Refcard PDF
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    I love the gallery, the arena of representation. It's a commercial world, and morality is based generally around economics, and that's taking place in the art gallery. Jeff Koons | Refcard PDF
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    I think about my work every minute of the day. Jeff Koons | Refcard PDF
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    I try to be a truthful artist and I try to show a level of courage. I enjoy that. I'm a messenger. Jeff Koons | Refcard PDF






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