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James Mooney Quotes and Sayings

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    Among the southern tribes, on the contrary, hats were sometimes worn in the dance, although this was not considered in strict accordance with the doctrine. James Mooney | Refcard PDF
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    At intervals between the songs, more especially after the trances have begun, the dancers unclasp hands and sit down to smoke or talk for a few minutes. James Mooney | Refcard PDF
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    Facing inward, join hands so as to form a small circle. Then, without moving from their places they sing the opening song, according to previous agreement, in a soft undertone. James Mooney | Refcard PDF
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    The dance commonly begins about the middle of the afternoon or later, after sundown. When it begins in the afternoon, there is always an intermission of an hour or two for supper. The preliminary painting and dressing is usually the work of about two hours. James Mooney | Refcard PDF
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    When all is ready, the leaders walk out to the dance place. James Mooney | Refcard PDF






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