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    All the libel lawyers will tell you there's no libel any more, that everyone's given up. Ian Hislop | Refcard PDF
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    I've seen the Pokemon movie, which is probably the worst movie ever made on any subject ever. Ian Hislop | Refcard PDF
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    Internet journalism is not a world we know very well at all. It's conducted more on the screen and less in bars, which makes it rather less useful for getting stories about people throwing up over one another, which is what one's after. Ian Hislop | Refcard PDF
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    No, there are no hard and fast rules about sources, no printed booklet to help journalists through. Ian Hislop | Refcard PDF
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    There's an awful lot of terrible television which I could do, but I mostly stick to Have I Got News for You. Ian Hislop | Refcard PDF
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    They may well say not only is this not true, but I will put in an injunction to prevent publication. No, stories don't go in unless I'm convinced by the people who write them that they're true. And if I'm wrong, then so be it. Ian Hislop | Refcard PDF
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    This job certainly doesn't win you a huge amount of friends, I accept that, but it is very enjoyable, and deep down I think it's probably quite a worthwhile job. Ian Hislop | Refcard PDF






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