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Gilbert Hernandez Quotes and Sayings

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    Dennis the Menace was probably the most realistic comic book ever done. No space aliens ever invaded! Gilbert Hernandez | Refcard PDF
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    I always felt I was living in two worlds. One was the Mexican world, because nearly everybody I knew, relatives and cousins and kids in the neighbourhood, were Mexican. Then school was a different world. It was ethnically mixed. Gilbert Hernandez | Refcard PDF
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    I've sort of dealt with the characters' lives more; particularly the women characters. Gilbert Hernandez | Refcard PDF
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    It wasn't until school that we realised that we were abnormal. Gilbert Hernandez | Refcard PDF
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    My two biggest influences are Archie comics and Dennis the Menace. Gilbert Hernandez | Refcard PDF
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    Our father died when we were very young, so our mother raised six kids. We saw the world filtered through her eyes, being a minority woman raising six kids. Gilbert Hernandez | Refcard PDF
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    We grew out of the superhero comics, but we still liked comics, so we started putting our own experiences in the stories we were doing for our own amusement. Gilbert Hernandez | Refcard PDF
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    We thought everybody read comics. We didn't know we were weird. We didn't know people that collected comics were strange. It was as normal as listening to rock music on the radio. Gilbert Hernandez | Refcard PDF
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    We were very happy when a South African court, which had previously ruled against us, took another look and decided that this material was not obscene and allowed it into the country. Gilbert Hernandez | Refcard PDF






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