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Elizabeth Banks Quotes and Sayings

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    I actually think that secrets are just a part of human nature and that everybody should have some. Elizabeth Banks | Refcard PDF
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    I am not afraid of much. I kill all the spiders in my house, and I'm planning to go skydiving. I am into girl power, and I'm very self-sufficient. Elizabeth Banks | Refcard PDF
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    I like my coffee light. Elizabeth Banks | Refcard PDF
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    I love working with a stylist but I also love having personal relationships with designers. A stylist is great for pulling together an entire outfit, accessories included, and for shaking me out of my comfort zone. Elizabeth Banks | Refcard PDF
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    If I ever complain about yachting around the Mediterranean with Madonna, who I just idolized as a child, I should be slapped across the face. Elizabeth Banks | Refcard PDF
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    When I was in college I was accused of being a goody two-shoes. But every goody two-shoes has a bad side. Elizabeth Banks | Refcard PDF
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    You have got to have an agent. It's a business. But I think there is a way to be artful and commercial at the same time. Elizabeth Banks | Refcard PDF






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