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Dexter S. King Quotes and Sayings

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    I'm in a position to look back at my life, and I realized there were a number of experiences that needed to be documented. Dexter S. King | Refcard PDF
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    The government paid the family of Richard Nixon $18 million for papers, tape recordings and other materials seized after Watergate. Dexter S. King | Refcard PDF
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    We could in fact transport a person, say a kid who didn't know what it was like to be in a civil rights march. We could actually take you into that experience, so that you could better appreciate what happened and why it happened. Dexter S. King | Refcard PDF
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    What everybody misses here is that we are doing the same thing my father did. He licensed and litigated and protected his property, and we have to follow the same tradition, because the way the law reads, if you don't protect it, you lose it. Dexter S. King | Refcard PDF
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    Writing this book was very therapeutic because it helped me face my relationship with my dad. Dexter S. King | Refcard PDF






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