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Chuck Tanner Quotes and Sayings

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    Having Willie Stargell on your ball club is like having a diamond ring on your finger. Chuck Tanner | Refcard PDF
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    I don't think a manager should be judged by whether he wins the pennant, but by whether he gets the most out of the twenty-five men he's been given. Chuck Tanner | Refcard PDF
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    If you don't like the way the Atlanta Braves are playing then you don't like baseball. Chuck Tanner | Refcard PDF
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    It's hard to win a pennant, but it's harder to lose one. Chuck Tanner | Refcard PDF
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    There are three secrets to managing. The first secret is have patience. The second is be patient. And the third most important secret is patience. Chuck Tanner | Refcard PDF
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    What you have to remember is that baseball isn't a week or a month but a season - and a season is a long time. Chuck Tanner | Refcard PDF
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    You can have money piled to the ceiling but the size of your funeral is still going to depend on the weather. Chuck Tanner | Refcard PDF






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