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Catherine McAuley Quotes and Sayings

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    Each day is a step we make towards eternity and we shall continue thus to step from day to day until we take the last step, which will bring us into the presence of God. Catherine McAuley | Refcard PDF
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    If we don't take Tullamore, no other community will. Catherine McAuley | Refcard PDF
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    Oh may He look on us with love and pity and then we shall be able to do anything He wishes us to do, no matter how difficult to accomplish or painful to our feeling. Catherine McAuley | Refcard PDF
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    There has been a most Providential Guidance which the want of prudence, vigilance, or judgement has not impeded, and it is here that we can most clearly see the designs of God. Catherine McAuley | Refcard PDF
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    This is the spirit of the Order, indeed the true spirit of Mercy flowing on us. Catherine McAuley | Refcard PDF
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    We have now gone beyond 100 in number, and the desire to join seems rather to increase, though it was thought the foundations would retard it, it seems quite otherwise. Catherine McAuley | Refcard PDF






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