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    Anorexia was there for me before I got into modeling, but because of the arena and the demands, the disease really got out of control for me. It's like being an alcoholic and going and being a bartender. Carre Otis | Refcard PDF
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    I am not naturally that thin, so I had to go through everything from using drugs to diet pills to laxatives to fasting. Those were my main ways of controlling my weight. Carre Otis | Refcard PDF
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    I had dropped out of school and was a runaway, so I didn't have family to fall back on if I didn't work. I didn't have a lot of other options of making money other than modeling. Carre Otis | Refcard PDF
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    I had my first seizure, and I had to go in for heart surgery. Carre Otis | Refcard PDF
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    It not unusual for women with anorexia to suffer heart attacks. Carre Otis | Refcard PDF
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    Many women who have anorexia put their hearts in a compromised situation. Carre Otis | Refcard PDF
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    My doctor felt that the main contributing factor was so many years of malnutrition, especially during my formative years, even before I got into modeling. Carre Otis | Refcard PDF
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    Part of treatment for drugs and alcohol is you abstain from these, but with eating disorders you can't abstain from food so the treatment is longer than drugs and alcohol. Carre Otis | Refcard PDF
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    The pressure was if I didn't get into that dress size someone else would - someone else would get the job. Carre Otis | Refcard PDF
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    We come in many different shapes and sizes, and we need to support each other and our differences. Our beauty is in our differences. Carre Otis | Refcard PDF
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    You have to find a balance with food in your life - you can't take out food. It can be absolutely terrifying. Carre Otis | Refcard PDF






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