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Bryn Terfel Quotes and Sayings

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    Good acting is about being as natural and calm as possible. These days producers have such definite ideas that you have to be prepared to do whatever they ask. Bryn Terfel | Refcard PDF
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    I enjoy all aspects of singing and I'm luckily given the choice to be part of different styles of music. Bryn Terfel | Refcard PDF
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    I think every singer should be able to jump in for a singer who has been sick, for instance, and learn an opera in two days. I know people who can do it. Bryn Terfel | Refcard PDF
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    I work on my voice through what I have to sing. Bryn Terfel | Refcard PDF
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    If you have a recital to do, you have to memorize the songs. I never use music when I do recitals. It produces an instant barrier, both for yourself and the audience. Bryn Terfel | Refcard PDF
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    People think top singers are overpaid, but opera houses have a top fee, which is a good thing. Of course concerts are different- everyone wants to make as much money as possible. Bryn Terfel | Refcard PDF






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