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Brandon Thomas Quotes and Sayings

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    All the bands get along really well. That's one of the biggest things on a tour. It's great to get all these cool bands together, but if they don't get along it sucks. Brandon Thomas | Refcard PDF
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    Even though we're not the most punk rock band, the way we've done things is pretty punk rock. Just kinda say it with a big middle finger to the record labels and do it ourselves. Brandon Thomas | Refcard PDF
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    Florida has been really cool to us. This is our first big club tour, and Pennywise has been really nice. Brandon Thomas | Refcard PDF
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    If someone is not happy with one thing we either tweak it until they're happy with it. We all know where that line is, where you have to be three hands up. Brandon Thomas | Refcard PDF
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    It's about putting the pedal to the metal and not asking any questions at all and just going for it. Brandon Thomas | Refcard PDF
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    Just stay real and stay a real person. Brandon Thomas | Refcard PDF
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    Music is pretty much the lifestyle, not the music itself. The lifestyle really pulled me off the street. Made me want to do something organized and positive. Brandon Thomas | Refcard PDF
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    Solace is my favorite song. It was the last song we wrote for the record. It was right when we really started to mesh as far as music goes and we started really connecting with each other. Brandon Thomas | Refcard PDF
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    There is a very good chance I could have been a screw-up for the rest of my life. Brandon Thomas | Refcard PDF






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