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Boris Vian Quotes and Sayings

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    I played the trumpet a bit like a porker, I think. Boris Vian | Refcard PDF
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    Of course, it's fun to play with Blacks. Boris Vian | Refcard PDF
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    One ends up relying on pure musical inspiration, and failing that, the music won't lead to anything good, or it will alienate all but the most die-hard fans. Boris Vian | Refcard PDF
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    The problem is the following, black music is increasing encumbered by white elements, often pleasant but always superfluous, easily and advantageously replaced with black elements. Boris Vian | Refcard PDF
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    The three great moments of my life had to be the concerts of Ellington in 1938, Dizzy in '48, and Ella in '52. Boris Vian | Refcard PDF
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    There are only two things: love, all sorts of love, with pretty girls, and the music of New Orleans or Duke Ellington. Everything else ought to go, because everything else is ugly. Boris Vian | Refcard PDF






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