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Bjorn Ulvaeus Quotes and Sayings

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    And also a lot of Muslims are no more religious then the average Swede. For them it's natural that human rights come first. Bjorn Ulvaeus | Refcard PDF
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    Cultural variety is always worth striving for, but must never precede the declaration of human rights. Bjorn Ulvaeus | Refcard PDF
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    I believe that religion should be totally separated from the state. That's not the way it is today, not even in Sweden. Bjorn Ulvaeus | Refcard PDF
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    I believe that religious faith schools are highly dubious. Bjorn Ulvaeus | Refcard PDF
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    I'm so incredibly tired of giving respect to a lot of delusions and crazy ideas just because they are regarded as religions. Bjorn Ulvaeus | Refcard PDF
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    Some values must be universal, like human rights and the equal worth of every human being. Bjorn Ulvaeus | Refcard PDF
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    The story of Jesus is very fascinating. It still has such a tremendous power, even after 2,000 years! We don't really know if he existed as a historical figure. Bjorn Ulvaeus | Refcard PDF
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    The UN declaration on human rights must always be first in line before religion or other cultural habits, in case of any conflict between them. Bjorn Ulvaeus | Refcard PDF






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