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Bernard Ebbers Quotes and Sayings

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    I guess the one question I will not get today is: When are you going to do anything about cellular? Bernard Ebbers | Refcard PDF
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    I just want you to know you aren't going to church with a crook. Bernard Ebbers | Refcard PDF
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    No one will find me to have knowingly committed fraud. Bernard Ebbers | Refcard PDF
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    Our communications services revenue growth is being driven by continued strong top-line performance in data, Internet and international - three of the fastest growing and most profitable areas within communications services. Bernard Ebbers | Refcard PDF
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    Our investments in data, Internet and international have been particularly timely and have positioned the company to post industry-leading incremental revenue gains. Bernard Ebbers | Refcard PDF
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    The strength in our third-quarter financial results is cause for excitement. I'm particularly pleased that we continue to demonstrate impressive growth at the same time we are engaged in important merger discussions. Bernard Ebbers | Refcard PDF
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    We accelerated our capital spending in the fourth quarter, particularly in international and next-generation network deployment, which should not only sustain future revenue growth but also drive significant cost reductions across all communications services. Bernard Ebbers | Refcard PDF
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    We very much regret that our merger with Sprint was not allowed to proceed. Bernard Ebbers | Refcard PDF






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