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Anne Northup Quotes and Sayings

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    A large family and Democrats have a lot in common: teenagers and Democrats are always happy spending other people's money. Anne Northup | Refcard PDF
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    I think one of the political problems we have in this country is the perspective that all soccer moms think alike, all African-Americans think alike. Anne Northup | Refcard PDF
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    Sometimes growing pains are by fits and starts. Anne Northup | Refcard PDF
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    There's a reason people run negative ads... it's because they work. Anne Northup | Refcard PDF
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    There's something to be learned by listening and absorbing and watching before you start telling the people who have been there how to rearrange chairs. Anne Northup | Refcard PDF
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    We have to achieve what we can, and if we haven't yet learned that we are not always going to get our way this could be frustrating. Anne Northup | Refcard PDF
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    Who I really am is the mother of six kids and Woody's wife. Anne Northup | Refcard PDF






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