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    Every job is different. I don't think that I've ever had that wonderful feeling when you've finished a job or where you feel like you've mastered it or sort of nailed it... You can never be satisfied. If you're satisfied, it's time to retire. Alfred Molina | Refcard PDF
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    I do remember being a fan of the Marvel characters and not liking the DC characters at all. Alfred Molina | Refcard PDF
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    I love playing villains. Alfred Molina | Refcard PDF
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    I'm not qualified to do anything else. So there better be another job. I'm kind of stuck now. I'm enjoying my life and I'm enjoying my work, and I'm enjoying the fact that the work I'm doing is garnering some interest and that's great. I just hope that it continues. Alfred Molina | Refcard PDF
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    I've always been terrified about being bored. I always think being bored is the worst thing. The only strategic decision I ever made as an actor was to try and make each job as different as possible. Alfred Molina | Refcard PDF
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    I've been acting for 25 years, living out of suitcases on theater tours or film locations. Alfred Molina | Refcard PDF
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    My father was a waiter basically, and when I got my first professional job as an actor, I left a job that he found me for half the amount of money. So anyone would think that they're stupid, that that would be a stupid move. Alfred Molina | Refcard PDF
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    The worst thing that an actor can do is go into any project with a lack of respect for the material. You can have an opinion about it, but you have to respect yourself in doing it. Alfred Molina | Refcard PDF
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    To be challenged means to strive. I'm almost certain that's true. Alfred Molina | Refcard PDF
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    You're suspended sixty feet up in the air, you've been up there for three hours, and all the shot requires is that you have to sort of react to getting punched in the head. Alfred Molina | Refcard PDF






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