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Alberto Salazar Quotes and Sayings

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    An athlete who tells you the training is always easy and always fun simply hasn't been there. Goals can be elusive which makes the difficult journey all the more rewarding. Alberto Salazar | Refcard PDF
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    Early in my career I was accused of being overconfident and even cocky, but I really was confident that I had done the training and didn't see any other reason to say otherwise. Alberto Salazar | Refcard PDF
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    I've run a lot of miles over the years, some fast and some not so fast. I've won some big races and I've had some big disappointments, but I enjoy the freedom of running and the challenge of training and competition as much now as when I first started back in high school. Alberto Salazar | Refcard PDF
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    If you want to achieve a high goal, you're going to have to take some chances. Alberto Salazar | Refcard PDF
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    We may train or peek for a certain race, but running is a lifetime sport. Alberto Salazar | Refcard PDF






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