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Alan Moore Quotes and Sayings

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    Because our entire universe is made up of consciousness, we never really experience the universe directly we just experience our consciousness of the universe, our perception of it, so right, our only universe is perception. Alan Moore | Refcard PDF
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    Don't leave home without your sword - your intellect. Alan Moore | Refcard PDF
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    Language comes first. It's not that language grows out of consciousness, if you haven't got language, you can't be conscious. Alan Moore | Refcard PDF
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    Most of the people who get sent to die in wars are young men who've got a lot of energy and would probably rather, in a better world, be putting that energy into copulation rather than going over there and blowing some other young man's guts out. Alan Moore | Refcard PDF
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    Of course, Marxism is an example of what Carl Popper would have called a 'World Three' structure, in that it's got immense power as an idea, but you couldn't actually hold up anything in the world and say: 'this is Marxism'. Alan Moore | Refcard PDF
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    To paint comic books as childish and illiterate is lazy. A lot of comic books are very literate - unlike most films. Alan Moore | Refcard PDF
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    To some degree Satanism is purely a kind of disease of Christianity. You've got to really be Christian to believe in Satan. Alan Moore | Refcard PDF
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    War is a perversion of sex. Alan Moore | Refcard PDF






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