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Al Gore Quotes and Sayings

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    A president who breaks the law is a threat to the very structure of our government. Al Gore | Refcard PDF
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    A zebra does not change its spots. Al Gore | Refcard PDF
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    Airplane travel is nature's way of making you look like your passport photo. Al Gore | Refcard PDF
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    As I have said for many years throughout this land, we're borrowing money from China to buy oil from the Persian Gulf to burn it in ways that destroy the future of human civilization. Every bit of that has to change. Al Gore | Refcard PDF
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    As president, I will bring all the parties and stakeholders together. I am going to come up with a solution that respects the environment and does not cause an upheaval in the economy. Al Gore | Refcard PDF
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    During my service in the United States Congress, I took the initiative in creating the Internet. Al Gore | Refcard PDF
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    George Bush taking credit for the wall coming down is like the rooster taking credit for the sun rising. Al Gore | Refcard PDF
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    Hey, you know what, I've gotta go on that 'Letterman' show. That show is so lame. Al Gore | Refcard PDF
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    How could this Y2K be a problem in a country where we have Intel and Microsoft? Al Gore | Refcard PDF
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    I have absolutely no plans and no expectations of ever being a candidate again. Al Gore | Refcard PDF
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    I have made good judgments in the past. I have made good judgments in the future. Al Gore | Refcard PDF
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    I pledge to you today that as president, in my first budget, I will introduce the largest increase in special education ever. Al Gore | Refcard PDF
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    I think George W. Bush has a warm, engaging personality. But, you know, the presidency is more than just a popularity contest. Al Gore | Refcard PDF
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    I think the cost of energy will come down when we make this transition to renewable energy. Al Gore | Refcard PDF
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    I took the initiative in moving forward a whole range of initiatives that have proven to be important to our country's economic growth, environmental protection, improvements in our educational system. Al Gore | Refcard PDF
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    Iraq's search for weapons of mass destruction has proven impossible to deter and we should assume that it will continue for as long as Saddam is in power. Al Gore | Refcard PDF
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    No matter how hard the loss, defeat might serve as well as victory to shake the soul and let the glory out. Al Gore | Refcard PDF
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    Our democracy, our constitutional framework is really a kind of software for harnessing the creativity and political imagination for all of our people. The American democratic system was an early political version of Napster. Al Gore | Refcard PDF
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    Our world faces a true planetary emergency. I know the phrase sounds shrill, and I know it's a challenge to the moral imagination. Al Gore | Refcard PDF
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    The Bush administration works closely with a network of rapid response digital brownshirts who work to pressure reporters and their editors for 'undermining support for our troops.' Al Gore | Refcard PDF
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    The day I made that statement, about the inventing the internet, I was tired because I'd been up all night inventing the Camcorder. Al Gore | Refcard PDF
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    The first less is this: take it from me, every vote counts. Al Gore | Refcard PDF
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    The heart of the security agenda is protecting lives - and we now know that the number of people who will die of AIDS in the first decade of the 21st Century will rival the number that died in all the wars in all the decades of the 20th century. Al Gore | Refcard PDF
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    The presidency is more than a popularity contest. Al Gore | Refcard PDF
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    Verbosity leads to unclear, inarticulate things. Al Gore | Refcard PDF
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    We need to remake the Democratic party. We need to remake America. Al Gore | Refcard PDF
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    We're all capable of mistakes, but I do not care to enlighten you on the mistakes we may or may not have made. Al Gore | Refcard PDF
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    When you have the facts on your side, argue the facts. When you have the law on your side, argue the law. When you have neither, holler. Al Gore | Refcard PDF
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    While President Bush likes to project an image of strength and courage, the real truth is that in the presence of his large financial contributors, he is a moral coward. Al Gore | Refcard PDF
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    Winston Churchill aroused this nation in heroic fashion to save civilisation in World War Two. We have everything we need except political will, but political will is a renewable resource. Al Gore | Refcard PDF






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