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Julio Iglesias Quotes and Sayings

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    I'm the Latin artist who has been the most successful in history at representing the Latin culture. The stylings of my words are immodest, but it's the truth. Julio Iglesias | Refcard PDF
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    Love is like wine. To sip is fine, but to empty the bottle is a headache. Julio Iglesias | Refcard PDF
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    My children have become popular, and they show a tremendous love for the public. They're professionals. Julio Iglesias | Refcard PDF
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    The success my children have had has helped me immensely. I've showed them a certain respect for this career. Julio Iglesias | Refcard PDF
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    When the painting is hanging on your wall for a long time, you don't notice it. You get tired of it, even if it's a Picasso. When the next generation inherits the painting, they sell it. I don't want to be sold. Julio Iglesias | Refcard PDF
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    When you get to the 35-year mark in your career, you make albums for your fans to love you more, so they don't forget about you. Julio Iglesias | Refcard PDF
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    You don't find me too bald, do you? Old, and bald, and with a belly? Julio Iglesias | Refcard PDF
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    You retire when you are sick and when you can't do it any more or when the public retires you. That's the most painful, because that's the one that leaves you wanting to accomplish more. Julio Iglesias | Refcard PDF
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    You try to avoid the mistakes you made in the past. Julio Iglesias | Refcard PDF






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